Thursday, April 29, 2010


Remember those coal ash spills in Tennessee a while back?

The floods in W. Virginia resulting from mountaintop removal mining?

The tragedy a couple weeks back in which 29 died in a non-union, unsafe Massey Energy mine?

11 dead, and an ecological disaster unmatched since the Exxon Valdez- perhaps the largest oil spill in history before it's all over?

These are the ecological and human consequences of coal and oil without even considering climate change. Who would have thought our behavior could be so destructive to the environment?

Environmentalists, that's who. But I suppose we are all just hippie freaks and eco-zombies. Who really cares about clean air, water, food, and a livable climate?

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  1. The oil spill is terrible and some of the effects of it will probably still be around when our children are old. Funny how you don't hear certain politicians chanting "Drill baby drill" much THESE days in reference to off shore drilling. The whole thing is just...sad.