Monday, July 19, 2010

Forum on Vegetarianism

Interesting forum on the environmental implications of our food choices over at Blue Marble at Mother Jones: link. The guy talking about waste was interesting, and not something I've considered before. Essentially we waste a far greater percentage of vegetative food than animal based food- more veggies than meat end up thrown out, uneaten. Overall I feel pretty secure in my stance on the issue: we should eat vastly less meat overall and that which we do eat should be sustainably raised. A diet that features a small amount of grass fed meat is ecologically superior to an exclusively plant based diet.

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  1. I completely and totally agree with you! The problem remains how to feed the masses right? Isn't that the argument of companies that raise so much poultry that they must cut off their beaks or the poor things will go crazy and peck the hell out of their sardine packed buddies?